MHRT/Community Guidelines


The following are some course offerings that meet MHRT/Community requirements.  This is not a comprehensive list. Academic courses are continuously being reviewed and approved. If you believe your course qualifies for MHRT/C course credit, but it is not included on this list, please forward an official course description or syllabus to CFL for review. Last updated: April 25, 2019

Intro to Community Mental Health

UMA Introduction to Community Mental Health HUS 218
UMF Introduction to Social Services REH 120
UMFK Introduction to Human Services and Community Mental Heath SOC 110
UMPI Community Mental Health Counseling SWK 207
USM Professional Issues in Mental Health Practice HCE 640
UMM Introduction to Behavioral and Community Mental Health Systems PSY 211
CMCC Introduction to Mental Health
(Effective 2005-06 academic year)
HUS 112
KVCC Introduction to Community Mental Health MHT 104
SMCC Introduction to Human Services BHHS 100
SMCC Legal and Regulatory Issues (no longer offered) BHS 115
WCCC Community Mental Health (effective Spring 2015) HUS 218-01
YCCC Introduction to Behavioral Health BHS 101
YCCC Introduction to Human Services (replaced BHS 101) HUS 101

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

UMA Psychosocial Rehabilitation HUS 222
UMF Psychosocial Rehabilitation (was REH 330) REH 249
UMFK Psychosocial Rehabilitation PSY 221
UMPI Psycho-Social Rehabilitation SWK 236
USM Principles of Psychosocial Rehabilitation HCE 514 (formerly 614)
UMM Psychosocial Rehabilitation Practices PSY 213
CMCC Disabilities and Psychosocial Rehabilitation
(Effective 2005-06 academic year)
PSY 202
KVCC Psychosocial Rehabilitation MHT 124
SMCC Psychosocial  and Vocational Rehabilitation
(Effective Spring 2010)
WCCC Disabilities and Psycho-Social Rehabilitation (Effective Spring 2015) HUS 222
YCCC Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Effective Summer 2013) PSY 244

Interviewing and Counseling

UMA Interviewing and Counseling HUS 330
UMF Counseling and Interviewing Foundations REH 200
UMF Introduction to Counseling & Personality PSY 235
UMFK Interviewing and Counseling PSY 330
UMPI Principles of Counseling PSY 380
USM Methods of Social Work Practice I SWO 301
USM Fundamentals of Counseling Skills (need HCE-620 as prerequisite) HCE 621
USM/LAC Counseling and Psychotherapy with Adults SBS 411
UMM Introduction to Counseling SSC 302
CMCC Interviewing and Counseling
(Effective 2005-06 academic year)
PSY 151
KVCC Interviewing and Counseling MHT 110
SMCC  Interviewing and Counseling BHHS 220
WCCC Interviewing and Counseling (Effective Spring 2015) HUS 230 01

Crisis Identification and Resolution

UMA Crisis Counseling (Formerly Crisis Intervention & Resolution) HUS 232
UMF Crisis Intervention and Stabilization PSY 455
UMFK Crisis Identification and Resolution PSY 344
UMPI Crisis Intervention SWK 381
USM Crisis Intervention HCE 644
UMM Crisis Identification and Resolution PSY 332
SMCC Crisis Intervention BHHS 105
SMCC Common Behavioral Health Problems (no longer offered) BHS 203
KVCC Crisis Identification and Intervention MHT 112
CMCC Abuse, Trauma, and Recovery
(Effective 2006-07 academic year)
PSY 212
WCCC Crisis Identification and Resolution HUS 215

Cultural Competency/Diversity

UMA Social Problems SOC 201
UMA Cross Cultural Communications COM/SCC 250
UMA Cross Cultural Psychology PSY 415
UMA Cultural Competency for the Helping Profession HUS 134
UMA Sociology of Minorities SOC 304
UMF Diversity and Multiculturalism PSY 327
UMF Multiculturalism REH 220
UMFK Introduction to Anthropology ANT 100
UMFK Social Problems SOC 101
UMO Social Inequity SOC 201
UMO Social Problems SOC 202
UMPI Ethnicity and Multiculturalism SWK 305
USM Examining Oppression & Valuing Diversity SWO 365
USM Culture, Tradition, and Diversity HRD 664
USM Family & Disability in a Multicultural Society HCE 612
USM/LAC Race, Class, Gender SBS 345
SMCC Special and Diverse Populations BHHS 150
SMCC Human Diversity BHHS 145
UMM Counseling Diverse Populations PSY 313
KVCC The Changing Workplace MHT 125
CMCC Issues in Diversity
(Effective 2005-06 academic year)
SOC 200
WCCC Introduction to Human Services HUS 101
Husson Cultural Anthropology SY 222
Husson Diversity & Multiculturalism PS 322
Kaplan Survey of Social Problems HN 200

Sexual Abuse, Trauma and Recovery

UMA Sexual Abuse and Trauma HUS 233
UMFK Incest and Sexual Abuse PSY 232
UMM Trauma and Recovery PSY 329
UMPI Incest and Sexual Abuse SWK 307
USM Sexual Abuse of Children and Adolescents SWO 385
SMCC Trauma, Sexual Abuse, and Recovery BHHS 265
KVCC Incest, Sexual Abuse, and Trauma MHT 214
Husson Sexual Abuse, Trauma & Recovery
(Effective 2005-06 year)
PY 447 (formerly PY 346)
CMCC Abuse, Trauma, and Recovery
(Effective 2006-07 academic year)
PSY 212
WCCC Trauma and Recovery HUS 235

Substance Abuse with a Dual Diagnosis Component

UMA Substance Abuse Counseling for Special Populations HUS 331
UMA Chemical Dependency Counseling (with Dual Diagnosis)  (Effective Summer 2003) HUS 326
UMA Counseling for Co-Occurring Mental Disorders & Addiction (formerly Counseling Co-Occurring) HUS 436
UMF Addiction Rehabilitation (was REH 320/340) REH 250
UMFK Substance Abuse Counseling PSY 332
UMM Chemical Dependency and Dual Diagnosis Counseling PSY 351
UMPI Substance Abuse Counseling PSY 382
USM Dual Diagnosis in Mental Health Practice HCE 509
KVCC Substance Abuse with Dual Diagnosis MHT 218
CMCC Substance Abuse
(Effective 2006-07 academic year)
HUS 153
SMCC Substance Abuse BHHS 230
SMCC Co-Occurring Disorders BHHS 255
WCCC Substance Abuse HUS 125
Resource: Co-Occurring Collaborative Serving Maine –
Catherine Chichester, Executive Director
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 207-878-6172    
Fax: 207-878-6171


Case Management

UMA Case Management HUS 212
UMF Casework:  Ethical Standards and Professional Practice REH 310
UMF Psychotherapeutic Methods PSY 435
UMFK Community Service Internship PSY 497
UMM Case Management PSY 328
UMPI Case Management SWK 209
SMCC Case Management BHHS 270
KVCC Case Management MHT 220
CMCC Case Management
(Effective 2005-06 academic year)
HUS 155
WCCC Case Management (Effective Spring 2014) HUS 212

Mental Health and Aging

UMA Mental Health and Aging HUS 350
UMF Aging and Mental Health (Not offered since 2009) REH 260
UMF Adulthood & Aging PSY 226
UMFK Adulthood & Aging PSY 412
UMPI Gerontology SWK 325
USM Psychosocial Interventions
(Effective 2004-05 academic year)
CON 311
SMCC Behavioral Health and Aging BHHS 175
SMCC Special and Diverse Populations BHHS 150
SMCC High Risk Populations BHSS 104
KVCC Mental Health and Aging MHT 216
CMCC Sociology of Aging
(Effective 2005-06 academic year)
SOC 201
WCCC Topics in Health and Aging (Effective Spring 2015) HUS 102
Husson Gerontology (formerly Mental Health & Aging) PY 341
UMM Lifespan II PSY 324

Vocational Aspects of Disability

CMCC Vocational Aspects of Disabilities and Counseling ANDDisabilities and Psychosocial Rehabilitation--Must take BOTH courses to meet the requirement PSY 204 AND PSY 202
Husson Introduction to Rehabilitation AND Seminar in Psychology--Must take BOTH courses to meet the requirement PY 335 AND PY 442
KVCC Occupational Therapy Assistant Program: Introduction to Occupational Therapy & Human Occupation; Occupational Therapy Across the Life Span I; Interpersonal Skills for the Practicing Allied Health Professional; Practice Environments; AND Occupational Therapy Across the Life Span II-- Must take ALL FIVE COURSES to meet the requirement OTS 101, OTS 102, OTS 104, OTS 201 AND OTS 203
KVCC Vocational Aspects of Disability MHT 226
UMA Foundation of Vocational Rehabilitation HUS 236
UMF Career Counseling PSY 237
UMF Vocational Counseling and Placement REH 270
UMFK Vocational Aspects of Disability PSY 246
UMM Vocational Implications of Disability PSYM 326
UMPI Vocational Aspects of Disability PSY 374
USM Vocational Counseling and Placement in Rehabilitation HCE 615
USM/LAC Social Psychology of Disability SBS 315
SMCC Psychosocial  and Vocational Rehabilitation
(Effective Spring 2010)
WCCC Vocational Aspects of Disabilities HUS 120
The Maine Employment Curriculum for Employment Support Personnel offered by Maine Employment Curriculum (MEC) trainers.  This course was available on a limited basis through December 31, 2010. Contact information for MEC trainers is available at:

Syntiro oversees the Employment for ME Workforce Development System. They occasionally offer ACRE-certified Employment Specialist trainings, which are accepted toward Vocational Aspects of Disabilities. On their website, click on the Calendar link for upcoming trainings:

They are next offering "ACRE Approved Basic Employment Services Certificate Training" on March 27, 28, April 22, 23, & 24, 2019. More info and to register, plesae see:

Virginia Commonwealth University’s Rehabilitation Research and Training Center Supported Employment Web-based trainings offers two different courses:
  • “Supported Competitive Employment for Individuals with Mental Illness”
  • “Supported Employment Web-based Certificate Series” offered in partnership with APSE (Advancing Employment, Connecting People)

New 3/28/18 (updated 4/25/19):

SAMHS has approved the combination of the four workshops listed below to meet the Vocational Aspects of Disabilities requirement toward Full MHRT/C certification:

  1. Earn the 18 module online Job Coach Credential training.
  1. Complete the follow-up face-to-face Fading Supports training within 6 months of the above. Details are at the above link.

  2. Complete the Work & Benefits Navigator Training (check Registration link for dates/locations).

    Registration link.

  3. Complete the Creating a Culture of Employment Training
    2019 Training dates: May 21-Augusta, May 22-Portland, or June 11-Brewer
    Cost: $30
New England Rehabilitation Continuing Education Program (NERCEP) at the Institute for Community Integration at the University of Massachusetts at Boston Innovative Competitive Employment and Support Strategies: A Comprehensive Training
University of Georgia’s Job Coach/Employment Specialist certification
The following four trainings were offered prior to August 1, 2003 and meet the requirements for Vocational Aspects of Disability:
  • University of Hartford CRP RCEP Certification
  • SMCC Employment Specialist course    
  • BDL Employment Specialist course  
  • Goodwill Employment Specialist course

Non-Academic Resources

 NOTICE: Only courses taught by an approved trainer are accepted.

Amethyst Training & Consulting
1/22/19--new website. Or call: 592-3412 for schedule.

Amethyst offers all ten MHRT/Community required courses as non-academic trainings. Most trainings are conducted in Augusta. Please consult their website for more information.
Note: Amethyst also offers training for MHRT I credit.
MHRT/C Courses must be taught by Stephanie Truman, except Vocational Aspects of Disaiblities, which must be taught by BOTH Stephanie Truman and Linda Learnard.

Graham Behavioral Services
(207) 626-0003
Courses that are currently approved are:
Introduction to Community Mental Health
Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Interviewing & Counseling
Crisis Identification & Resolution
Cultural Competency/Diversity
Case Management
Mental Health & Aging

Newhouse Training
Courses that are currently approved and taught by Angie Newhouse are:
Introduction to Community Mental Health
Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Interviewing & Counseling
Crisis Identification & Resolution
Cultural Competency/Diversity
Case Management
Mental Health & Aging

Maine's Certified Peer Support Specialist (CIPSS) Training
Offered by Maine's DHHS, Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services, completion of the CIPSS certification program meets the requirements for Psychosocial Rehabilitation.

Partners in Hope (Closed)
Partners in Hope had offered all ten MHRT/Community required courses as non-academic trainings. Though they are now closed, we keep them on the list as their certificates are still acceptable for certification.

York County Shelter Programs
(207) 324-1137
Courses that are currently approved and taught by Jennifer Ouellette are:
Introduction to Community Mental Health
Psychosocial Rehabilitation