MHRT/Community Guidelines


This page last updated: August 2, 2018

Below are individual Credit for Work Experience (formerly Waiver) forms for each MHRT/C requirement. Please download the form(s) you need from the list below:

MHRT/C Requirement

Word Format

Adobe Format

Introduction to Community Mental Health ICMH-Word ICMH-PDF
Psychosocial Rehabilitation PSR-Word PSR-PDF
Interviewing & Counseling I&C-Word I&C-PDF
Crisis Identification & Resolution Crisis-Word Crisis-PDF
Cultural Competence/Diversity Diversity-Word Diversity-PDF
Vocational Aspects of Disabilities VAD-Word VAD-PDF
Substance Abuse with a Dual Diagnosis Component SADD-Word SADD-PDF
Sexual Abuse, Trauma & Recovery Trauma-Word Trauma-PDF
Case Management CM-Word CM-PDF
Mental Health & Aging MH&A-Word MH&A-PDF