MHRT/Community Guidelines


If I have a current MHRT II or MHRT III. Do I need to get a MHRT/C?

Yes. The MHRT/C certification program has been updated and the certificate is no longer valid for life. It now has a two-year expiration period with a continuing education requirement for renewal. The Center for Learning will issue you a new MHRT/Community certificate when you notify us with your current contact information, incuding email.

My name has changed. Can I obtain a copy of my certificate with my new name on it?

Yes. Please submit your request in writing to the Center for Learning. Please include documentation of your name change such as a copy of your marriage license or divorce papers.

I lost my certificate. How do I obtain a new copy?

Please submit a request for your lost certificate in writing. Include your current address, daytime phone number, email and approximate date your certificate was issued. If your name has changed since the certificate was issued, we will also need documentation of that name change such as a marriage license or divorce papers. We will produce a duplicate copy of your certificate and send it to you by email.


My Provisional MHRT /C Level B certification expired just recently. Could I request an extension or have my certificate reinstated?

Once your certificate has expired, you are no longer eligible for an extension. Requests for extensions must be submitted at least thirty days prior to the expiration date of the certificate. In addition, it is not possible to have your provisional certificate reinstated. Once your certificate has expired, you must apply for the next level of certification.


Is there an application fee?

There is no fee to apply for MHRT/C certification.


I'm thinking of applying for MHRT /Community certification but am not sure if I meet the requirements. Is it possible to arrange an appointment with someone to review my transcript and discuss my other qualifications?

Unfortunately, the Center for Learning is unable to meet with individual applicants; however, we are able to respond to your questions. We recommend that you first read the MHRT/C Procedural Guidelines and then, if you have specific questions, you may contact us at 626-5200 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We encourage individuals to submit their application, transcripts and other documentation and we will then provide written feedback.


How do I know if the college I attended is regionally accredited and accepted for MHRT/C academic credit?

Please refer to the following links for a current listing of regionally accredited colleges and universities we recognize for academic MHRT/C credit. These are organized according to the location of the school.

New England Association of Schools & Colleges:

Middle States Commission on Higher Education:

(North Central) Higher Learning Commission:

Northwest Commission on Colleges & Universities:

Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Commission on Colleges:

Western Association of Schools and Colleges:

Junior (Associate Degree programs):
Senior (bachelor & above) programs:

If you are unsure whether your college or university is accredited, you are always welcome to contact the Center for Learning.

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