Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community (MHRT/C)


MHRT/C application materials are reviewed by CFL in the order they are received. You will receive a written response from CFL no more than three weeks after they receive your application. Please note that once you submit your application materials, they becomes the property of CFL and may not be returned to you.

Your application materials must include all of the following items that are applicable to your certification request (for example, if you are requesting MHRT/C credits for academic courses, you must submit a copy of your official transcript. If you are requesting MHRT/C credit for workshops, you must submit workshop certificates, etc):

  • An application for MHRT/C certification
  • Official Transcript(s)
  • Legible photocopies of workshop certificates showing the number of hours you completed
  • Waiver Letters (signed by a master's level licensed clinician who supervised your work)
  • Practicum or Internship descriptions (must be at least 3 academic credits)

Note: If you are seeking credit for a course that is not listed on the approval list in the MHRT/C Procedural Guidelines, you should submit a syllabus or description of the course.

For more detail, please see the application section of the MHRT/C guidelines.