Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician (MHRT I)


Within one year of receiving your provisional MHRT I certification, you will complete five trainings required for full certification. Agency providers offer some of these trainings, or they may help guide you to other training offerings in your community.

The five trainings required for full MHRT I certification are:

Clicking on a requirement above will take you to a resource page for where to take that training.

* MHSS Waiver Policy:

You are not required to take the MHSS training if you have one of the following:

  • Residential Care Specialist (RCS) certification;
  • Current Full Mental Health Rehabilitation/Community (MHRT/C) Certification;
  • Master’s Degree in Social Work; Master’s Degree in Counseling, Community Mental Health or other Master’s level education that reflects a counseling concentration;
  • License as one of the following Master’s Level Clinicians: LMSW; LMSW-CC; LCPC-CC; LCPC; APRN, CCS (Certified Clinical Supervisor);
  • Psy. D/Ph.D. Psychologist; or MD/DO Psychiatrist

You must successfully complete all five trainings and earn full MHRT I certification within one year of receiving your provisional MHRT I. No MHRT I requirements can be waived, except for the MHSS course (see above).