MHRT/Community Guidelines


A. Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (DHHS, SAMHS)

The DHHS SAMHS has the responsibility for ensuring that the MHRT/Community Certification program operates in a fair and equitable manner. The SAMHS has assigned responsibility for administering MHRT/Community Certification to the Muskie School’s Center for Learning.

B. The Center for Learning (CFL)

CFL serves as the DHHS SAMHS designee.  In that role, CFL reviews certification applications and approves or denies requests for MHRT/Community Certification. CFL also reviews mental health agencies’ requests to be authorized to issue MHRT/C Certifications for their employees.

C. Adult Mental Health Service Provider Agencies

Provider agencies must ensure that certified employees have sufficient training to provide quality adult mental health services.

D. Authorized Agencies

Authorized agencies are defined as adult mental health service provider agencies that have been approved to issue MHRT/Community certificates for their employees. These agencies are responsible for ensuring that employees meet the qualifications for MHRT/Community Certification and for maintaining this documentation in personnel files. In addition, these authorized agencies forward copies of the Recognition of Educational Qualifications forms to CFL for co-signature. These files are reviewed periodically by CFL and SAMHS to ensure compliance with these MHRT/C Procedural Guidelines.

SAMHS will continue to authorize certain agencies to issue their own certificates when specific conditions apply. SAMHS may revoke an agency’s authority to issue its own MHRT/Community certificates if the agency cannot adequately administer the certification program.

Any additional provider agency requesting approval as an authorized agency must submit this request to CFL. Authorized agencies must have an administrative capacity that is independent of the program to review applicants’ credentials (i.e. not clinical or program supervisors).  Human resources departments meet this definition.

The agency’s executive director must designate which human resources or agency staff is approved to review the employees’ applications for MHRT/Community Certification. The agency staff will then sign the Recognition of Educational Qualifications form, which will be sent to CFL for co-signature. Administrative supervisors and treatment staff are not allowed to approve and sign the MHRT/Community forms.  Agencies are responsible for keeping supportive documents as proof of courses and trainings completed until a DHHS QA Certification review has occurred, or as otherwise indicated at the time of the QA review.

CFL staff can provide an orientation and ongoing consultation to authorized agency staff as requested.