Mental Health Support Specialist (MHSS)


As a Mental Health Support Specialist (MHSS) trainer, you have a variety of requirements. Some of your responsibilities include: Offering the MHSS course to participants at least one time per year; notifying the Center for Learning at least 30 days before you teach the MHSS course; and collecting course evaluations from participants and submitting them to the Center for Learning.

You will also need to submit a Validation Form (confirmation of the dates that you taught the class and the names of participants who attended) to the Center for Learning.

By clicking on the following link, you will find detailed information about MHSS training policies and procedures.

Please note that in 2006, the Direct Support Professional and Mental Health Support Specialist curricula were compared. It was determined that the following three modules are interchangeable between the two curricula: Confidentiality, Documentation, and Sexuality.


The Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services revised the MHSS evaluation policy in 2012. The policy includes the following:

1) Trainer(s) will assign one student to distribute the evaluations, collect them once completed, and place them in an envelope provided ahead of time by Center for Learning. The envelope will have instructions for both the designated student and trainer. 2) Trainer(s) will leave the room while students complete their evaluation form. 3) Trainer(s) may reenter the room after all evaluation forms have been collected and sealed by the designated individual.

Please notify the Center for Learning (using the MHSS Trainer Notification form) within 30 days prior to offering a course so that we can ensure you have the envelope and instructions prior to the end of your course.