MHRT/CSP Procedural Guidelines


A Letter from Former OAMHS Director, Ron Welch, and CBHS Director, Joan Smyrski

(Adobe Version also available)







June 30, 2011


Dear Colleagues:

Attached you will find the 2011 Procedural Guidelines for Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Crisis Service Provider (MHRT/CSP) Certification.  We trust that these guidelines will be a very useful resource to crisis service providers.  This comprehensive booklet offers a clear and detailed explanation of how one may earn the MHRT/CSP certification—the certification required for individuals providing Crisis Resolution Services for adults and/or children in Maine.

As you know, the transition to MHRT/CSP started on April 1, 2007, when all new hires were required to be certified as a MHRT/CSP prior to providing Crisis Resolution Services.  This was followed by an April 1, 2008, deadline for all existing Crisis Resolution staff to become MHRT/CSP certified. The publication of this booklet reflects the final step in establishing the certification infrastructure for MHRT/CSP.

While you can read the history of the development of this certification in the introduction of this booklet, we would like to touch briefly on that topic and give credit where credit is due.  The Maine Crisis Network, an organization of crisis service providers in Maine, worked for many years to develop the Crisis Training Curriculum, and continues to work in tandem with DHHS and the Muskie School to make the training available statewide.  The Maine Crisis Network took on this task, and continues this work, because of their commitment to high quality, standardized training for Maine’s crisis workers.  They are to be commended for their dedication to their profession and to the people of Maine.



Ron Welch, Director                                                                           Joan Smyrski, Director
Office of Adult Mental Health Services                                            Children’s Behavioral Health