MHRT/Community Guidelines


In extenuating circumstances, an applicant may apply to CFL for an extension to the Provisional MHRT/Community Level B Certification. Extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be granted only if the applicant has experienced a hardship or extraordinary circumstance that prevented the completion of coursework.  Examples of extraordinary circumstances or hardships include: a death or illness in the family or a personal circumstance that necessitated a leave of absence from employment. The applicant must submit evidence of good faith efforts to complete the outstanding MHRT/Community course requirements such as transcripts, workshop certificates, proof of course enrollment for the upcoming semester, and/or letters of waiver for some of the uncompleted courses. 

Only CFL is authorized to extend Provisional MHRT/Community Level B Certification.  Community mental health providers are not authorized to extend Provisional MHRT/Community, Level B Certification without the final approval of CFL.  Individuals requesting extensions must submit their request at least one month prior to the expiration date and must provide the information requested above. Individuals are eligible for only one Provisional MHRT/Community, Level B certificate and can request only one extension.   Please note that it is not the policy of CFL to grant extensions on Provisional MHRT/C, Level A certificates.