Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community (MHRT/C)


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Last Updated: August 23, 2019

Approved Programs/Degrees for Full MHRT/C certification under the 2019 Requirements

For information on the requirements for the approved programs below, please contact the institution.

Institution Program Approved as of

 Central Maine Community College (CMCC)

 AAS/Human Services  Fall 2019

 Eastern Maine Community College (EMCC)

 AAS/Human Services  Fall 2019

 Husson University

 BA/Psychology  Fall 2019

 Unversity of Maine at Augusta (UMA)

 BS/Mental Health & Human Services - MHRT Track  Fall 2019

 Univeristy of Maine at Farmington

 BS/Psychology -- MHRT Counseling Track  Fall 2019

 University of Maine at Fort Kent (UMFK)

 BS/Behavioral Science  Fall 2019
 University of Maine at Machias (UMM)

 Any Degree with a Counseling Minor

 Stand-alone certificate option

 Spring 2019

 Spring 2019

 University of Maine at Presque Isle

 Bachelor of Social Work  Fall 2019

 University of New England

 BS/Psychology -- Mental Health Rehabilitaiton (MHR) Minor

 Bachelor of Social Work

 Fall 2019

 University of Southern Maine (USM)

 MS/Rehabilitation Counseling - MHRT/C Track  Fall 2019
 University of Southern Maine, Lewiston-Auburn College

 BA/Social & Behavioral Sciences - MHRT/C Track

 Fall 2019

 Washington County Community College (WCCC)

 AAS/Human Services - MHRT/C Track  Fall 2019
 York County Community College (YCCC)

 AAS/Behavioral Health Studies

 Community Mental Health Certificate (Stand-alone certificate option)

 Fall 2019

 Fall 2019

Approved Courses that meet a Domain

You must take the course at the instituion listed for it to be accepted for the Domain listed. Those with an astricks (*) are offered online.


 Domaine 1: Behaviroral, Psychological & Rehabilitation Intervention Models 
 Institution  Course # Course Name
 Husson        PY 335              Behaivoral, Psychological & Rehabilitation Intervention Models


 Domaine 2: Community Integration & Inclusion 
 Institution  Course # Course Name
 Husson MH 200 Community Integration and Inclusion
 WCCC HUS212           Case Management                                                          


 Domaine 3: Ethics and Professional Conduct 
 Institution  Course # Course Name
 Husson PY TBA Ethics and Professional Conduct
 UMF PSY 305/377 Ethical Principles in Counseling
 UMFK SOC 110 Intro. to Human Services & Community Mental Health
 UMPI SWK 202 Ethics in the Helping Profession
 UNE PSY 236 Mental Health & Society
 YCCC HUS 101 Introduction to Human Services


 Domaine 4: Trauma and Resiliency 
 Institution  Course # Course Name
 CMCC PSY 212      Abuse, Trauma, and Recovery*                              
 Husson PY 447 Trauma and Resiliency
 UMFK PSY 232 Trauma and Resiliency
 UNE PSY 375 Trauma and Health


 Domaine 5: Policy Knowledge 
 Institution  Course # Course Name
 CMCC          PSY 202         Developmental Disabilities & Psychosocial Rehabilitation*
 Husson MH 200 Policy Knowledge
 UMPI SWK 300 Social Welfare and Policy Issues


 Domaine 6: Mind-Body Connection 
 Institution  Course # Course Name
 Husson        MH 202          Mind-Body Connection                                                     


 Domaine 7: Cultural Competency 
 Institution  Course # Course Name
 CMCC          SOC 200          Issues in Diversity*
 Husson PY 322 Cultural Competency
 UMPI SWK 305 Ethnicity and Multiculturalism                                                  


 Domaine 8: Vocational Support
 Institution  Course # Course Name
 CMCC          PSY 204          Vocational Aspects of Disability and Counseling                     
 Husson MH 203 Vocational Support
 UMF PSY 237 Career Counseling
 UMFK PSY 246 Vocational Aspects of Disability
 UMPI PSY 374 Vocational Aspects of Disability*
USM-LAC SBS 315 Social Pscyhology of Disability