Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community (MHRT/C)


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Table of Contents

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Introduction Letter from the former Director of OAMHS

  1. Introduction and Historical Background
  2. Summary of 2007-2009 MHRT/Community Changes
  3. Roles of Participants
    1. State of Maine Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
    2. The Center for Learning
    3. Adult Mental Health Service Provider Agencies
    4. Authorized Agencies
  4. Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician Certificate (MHRT/Community)
    1. Scope of Practice
    2. Knowledge Competencies Required for MHRT/C
  5. MHRT/C Certification Levels
  6. MHRT/C Options
  7. MHRT/C Credit for Work Experience (Waiver) Policy and Procedure
  8. Reciprocity with MHRT/CSP
  9. Extension and Renewal Policy
  10. Appeal Process
  11. Evaluation of Foreign Degrees
  12. Application Process
  13. Tuition Reimbursement Policy
  14. Center for Learning Contact Information
  15. Appendices