Mental Health Support Specialist (MHSS)


Below are links to the various forms that you will need as a trainer. 

Use the Evaluation Form when you are ready to ask students to provide feedback about the course:

MHSS Student Evaluation Form (updated June 2014)

MHSS Evaluation Word MHSS Evaluation Adobe
Use the Curriculum Modification Form if you wish to change the order of the MHSS modules or add material to the standardized curriculum:

MHSS Curriculum Modification Request Form

MHSS Modification Word MHSS Modification Adobe

Use the Training Notification Form to notify the Center for Learning that you will be teaching the MHSS class:

MHSS Training Notification Form (updated June 2014)

Training Notification Word Training Notification Adobe

Ask students to complete the Student Information Form so that they can receive their certificate once they finish the course:

MHSS Student Information Form

MHSS Student Word MHSS Student Adobe

UPDATED AUGUST 2013: Use the Training Validation Form to inform the Center for Learning of the dates that you taught the MHSS class and the names of students who participated:

MHSS Training Validation Form (updated June 2014)

Training Validation Word Training Validation Adobe