Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community (MHRT/C)


May 2019 NOTE: The Tuition Reimbursement Program is currently on hold. No applications are being accepted at this time.

A. Overview and Eligibility Requirements:

DHHS-Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services designates funds that may be used to reimburse you for MHRT/Community (MHRT/C) tuition expenses. In order to be eligible for tuition reimbursement, you must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Work in a position funded by a DHHS-Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services contract;
  2. Work in a DHHS-Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services funded position for 20 hours (half-time) or more per week;
  3. Have a Provisional MHRT/Community Level B certificate on file with the Center for Learning;
  4. Need the course as a requirement for your present position and for MHRT/Community certification.

Additional requirements for MHRT/C tuition reimbursement:

  1. Tuition reimbursement is only available for directly relevant courses required for MHRT/C certification.
  2. Only the following five course areas are eligible for reimbursement:
    • Vocational Aspects of Disability
    • Substance Abuse with a Dual Diagnosis Component
    • Sexual Abuse, Trauma & Recovery
    • Case Management
    • Mental Health & Aging

For a list of approved courses, please see Appendix A of the MHRT/C Guidelines.

  1. Submit the application to the Center for Learning at least thirty (30) days before the start of the class.
  2. Earn a grade of C or better in all of the MHRT/C courses for which you are seeking reimbursement.

Note: You will be reimbursed after you have successfully completed the MHRT/C course. 

Tuition Reimbursement for Non-Academic MHRT/C courses:

Reimbursement is available only for training workshops that satisfy the full 30-hour MHRT/C requirement. Courses taken from non-academic instructors will be approved on a case-by-case basis. DHHS-Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services and the professional instructor will determine workshop fees.

Tuition reimbursement is limited to one course for each 6-month period in a fiscal year (July through June) up to a maximum of two MHRT/C courses per individual per fiscal year.

SAMHS reserves the right to prioritize tuition reimbursement funds to address unmet needs or needs based on a particular geographic region or district.

Please note: Since the availability of MHRT/C funds changes based on demand, the Center for Learning cannot guarantee that your request for tuition reimbursement will be approved. 

B. Tips for the Tuition Reimbursement Application Process:

  • The request for tuition reimbursement cannot be completed online, as the application will require your signature and the signature of your immediate supervisor.
  • Please fill out the application completely so that your tuition reimbursement request does not have to be returned to you for more detail.  
  • If you are requesting tuition reimbursement for non-academic training, please list the actual start and end dates of the course.
  • You can download a tuition reimbursement application form in Word or Adobe PDF formats.  If you are unable to open either of these documents, you can request a form from Scott Bernier at the Center for Learning.

Contact Information for Scott Bernier at the Center for Learning:
Scott Bernier
Tuition Reimbursement Request
The Center for Learning
12 East Chestnut St.
Augusta, ME  04330
Phone: 626-5280
Fax: 626-5022
TTY: 626-5282

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For additional detail, see MHRT/Community Tuition Reimbursement Request form in Appendix E.