MHRT/Community Guidelines


Options to Obtain MHRT/C Certification

Applicants have the option of meeting the MHRT/C requirements in three ways: academic coursework, non-academic training and/or waivers through work experience.  Academic options are explained in Appendix A. 


  • Documentation of workshops, training, or course completion in any of the 10 MHRT/C coursework areas may be submitted for approval.
  • Thirty hours are required to meet one MHRT/C requirement.  Applicants cannot be fully credited for a course area if the total number of training hours is less than 30.
  • The training must be relevant to the course competencies required and will be reviewed by CFL on a case-by-case basis.
  • Trainer qualifications and curriculum content that are not pre-approved will be reviewed by a panel from CFL and SAMHS for adherence to the Trainer and Curriculum Standards for Non-Academic MHRT/C Certification.