MHRT/CSP Procedural Guidelines


A.  Reading Modules

Individuals who are required to read a module must sign a form that is provided by authorized agencies to reflect documentation of completion of this task.

B.  Completing a Module Through Training

Completing a module entails learning didactically (in a classroom setting) and non-didactically (participating in role-play, rehearsal, skill practice, shadowing, observation and case discussion).  Upon completion of the training, the individual must pass a test with a score of at least 80%.  Each authorized agency provider will cover all of the competencies listed in these guidelines; however, the delivery method may vary between agencies.  Specific documentation practices of teaching and completing  each module is determined at the agency level.

C. Testing Out

As mentioned previously, an individual must obtain a score of at least 80% in order to pass a test. If an individual does not pass the test during the first attempt, it is standard practice that the relevant module be reviewed and completed before the individual attempts to re-take the test.