MHRT/Community Guidelines


Reciprocity Between the MHRT/C and MHRT/Crisis Services Provider (MHRT/CSP) Certificates

The MHRT/CSP certificate is required for providers of Crisis Intervention Services to adults (and Crisis Resolution Services to children). Those with Full MHRT/C Certification interested in earning a MHRT/CSP certificate must complete ALL core modules of the Crisis Training Curriculum. If an individual does not have a relevant degree, he or she would have to test out of the non-core modules of the curriculum.  Individuals who earned the MHRT/CSP before April 1, 2014 who wish to earn Full MHRT/C are required to complete the Case Management and Vocational Aspects of Disability MHRT/C requirements through academic or non-academic coursework. These two requirements cannot be waived. 

NOTE: Effective April 1, 2014, individuals with MHRT/CSP certification no longer qualify for the Provisional MHRT/C, Level B certificate due to some changes in the Crisis Training Curriculum.  However, the requirements remain the same for those with Full MHRT/C certification who wish to earn the MHRT/CSP certificate.