MHRT/Community Guidelines


Applications for MHRT/Community Certifications are reviewed by CFL in the order they are received.  In some cases, the review process can take up to three weeks.  Applicants will receive a written response from CFL no more than three weeks after the application is received.  Please note that material sent to CFL becomes the property of CFL and may not be returned to the applicant.

In order to earn credit for academic courses completed, the applicant must submit an official transcript from the college or university that offered the course.  Official transcripts typically bear the seal and/or Registrar’s signature.  Course descriptions may be requested by CFL in some cases.  Please note that the following items are not considered acceptable forms of documentation for academic MHRT/C credit: Grade printouts or course registrations (including Maine DSIS computer printouts), unofficial transcripts, and letters from professors.

Individuals who have earned at least three academic credits for human-services-related internships or practicums may be eligible for MHRT/C credit.  Internships and practicums must be directly related to the MHRT/C course that the applicant wants approved. In addition to the transcript, the applicant must submit a description of the academic experience as well as verification from the academic or field adviser.