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April 2023 Newsletter


Do you have domain requirements to complete to obtain your next certificate? (It could be your second year Pathway B or C certificate, or your two-year Full MHRT/C certificate.)

  • Please submit all your material as one application. This includes a new application form, training certificates, and/or an updated official transcript.
  • If you used the web portal to apply originally, you could log back in, update your contact information, if necessary, and delete old attachments before uploading new ones.

Every time we receive paperwork it is added to the review queue. We review applications in the order we receive them. The more incomplete applications in the queue, the longer it takes for our staff to process paperwork.

It speeds up the review process when we receive a single complete application package.

Question: But I have a Provisional and must meet the Priority Domains within 90 days. Should I submit those as soon as I complete them?

Answer: No. Once you meet half your missing Domain requirements, then you may submit your paperwork to our office. Again, please include a new application form!

Our office does not enforce the state’s 90-day rule to meet the Priority Domains. You should make sure documentation is kept in your file at your employer.

Change in MHRT/C Reinstatement Process:

Individuals who have an MHRT/C certificate without an expiration date in the lower left corner, can reapply under the current program to receive a current and valid certificate with an expiration date. This closes a loophole that prevents individuals from obtaining a new certificate immediately.

Please let us know if you have any questions on this change.