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MHRTC/C Application Form

Summary of MHRT/Community Certification Application Process

Thank you for applying for your certification and entering this challenging but rewarding field. Before you complete this application, please use the Find Your Pathway button at the top right to determine your pathway and next steps to apply for certification. This will guide you to instructions about the documentation you will need to submit with this application. Please gather all the appropriate materials before you begin the application.

Applicants are encouraged to upload all of the required documentation during the online application process. If it is not possible for you to apply online and upload documents, CFL requests that you submit complete application packages via email or regular mail. Legible faxes are also accepted. (Electronic copies of official transcripts sent directly from the academic institution may also be accepted).

Basic Information

Work Details

Current Certification and License Information (If Applicable)

What Are You Applying For?

Upload Your Documentation

You can upload up to 5 files up to 20MB each

Please select the SEND button below when you are ready to submit your application.
An email confirmation will be sent to the email addess you supplied in the from above.