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February 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the MHRT/Community Certification Program Update

This month we present a new format for our monthly update. There is the option to print, download or email the content above. We will save the pages on this site as well for easy access. Lastly, and most importantly, we want to hear from our readers. Please let us know if anything is missing or there are questions!

Did You Know There Are:

Continuing Education Reminders

1) Individuals who apply to renew their full MHRT/C certificates during the current COVID-19 civil state of emergency, can complete the 18‐hour requirement entirely online. At least four (4) hours (of the 18 hours) must be in Ethics.

2) Training must be taken during the time period listed on a full MHRT/C certificate.

3) The CFL sends a 90-day reminder to certificate holders that their expiration date is approaching!

4) A renewal application must be accompanied by complete training documentation – certificates of completion with the number of hours, title, sponsoring agency and trainer signature.

Information for Out-of-State Applicants

The CFL gladly accepts applications and academic transcripts from regionally accredited academic institutions around the country. All coursework is thoroughly reviewed and analyzed for applicability to the MHRT/C competency requirements. Additional information such as a course description, outline, or syllabus may be necessary to determine whether a course aligns with a specific domain.

The link to determine if an institution is regionally accredited is:

Contact us here: