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February 2022 Newsletter


MHRT/C Continuing Education

The MHRT/C certification has a Continuing Education (CE) requirement, which generates many questions. We hope to answer some of those questions here, and as always, welcome additional questions or requests for more information.

Link to the Continuing Education webpage

After an individual completes the eight MHRT/C competency domains for full certification, the continuing education (CE) requirement for renewal every two years is 18 hours. The certificate holder must complete the CE during the expiration period listed on the certificate, and it should address any one or more of the MHRT/C knowledge competencies. The only specification is that a minimum of four (4) hours of the 18 hours of training must cover competencies in Domain 3: Ethics & Professional Development.

MHRT/C knowledge competencies document

Q: What training is eligible for continuing education?

A: Continuing education goes beyond the annual training required by an agency for either orientation or licensing. The training content must relate to the MHRT/C competencies. An MHRT/C should work with their supervisor to identify training goals and needs. There is a guide on the CFL website to assist in determining if a training is eligible:

How to Determine if a training qualifies document

Q: Is there an application form for renewal?

A: Yes, there is a renewal form to complete. An applicant must also send a certificate of completion for each training. To be accepted, the training certificates must list the number of contact hours. On the form, applicants list the CE courses and which domains they address. This is a way for CFL staff to cross-reference that they have received all applicable certificates of completion, and that there are at least four hours in Ethics.

Renewal Form in Word

Renewal Form in PDF

Q: Does an applicant need to submit a copy of their current MHRT/C with the renewal form?

A: No, the CFL has it on file. Only submit the Renewal form and copies of training certificates.

Q: Does work experience satisfy continuing education?

A: No, work experience does not meet the requirement for continuing education training.

Q: Can a college course satisfy continuing education?

A: Yes, as long as it applies to at least one MHRT/C knowledge competency and was completed during the expiration period on the certificate. A three-credit college course equates to 30 hours of training. The applicant must submit a legible copy of an official transcript with the renewal form. Reminder, at least four hours must be in ethics.

Q: When should an applicant submit renewal paperwork?

A: No sooner than 90 days prior to the MHRT/C expiration date. The CFL sends a reminder to the email address they have on file at the 90-day threshold.

To update an email address, send an email with the MHRT/C certificate number and the new email address to CFL will send a confirmation reply within a couple of business days.

Q: Where is the certificate number located?

A: The certificate number is in the lower left corner of the MHRT/C certificate beneath the expiration date.

Q: Is it possible to renew an expired certificate?

A: Yes. To renew late, submit 18 hours of CE documentation completed within the two-year period prior to submitting the renewal application. If approved, that becomes the new effective date. There is no backdating of certificates.

For example, an applicant submits paperwork late on March 4, 2022. All training must have been completed on or after March 4, 2020. If approved, the new certificate would be effective March 4, 2022.

Q: Is it required to cover all eight Domains with the 18 hours of CE training?

A: No, it is not necessary to cover all eight Domains. A training must apply to at least one of the MHRT/C knowledge competencies. The only restriction is that a minimum of four (4) of the 18 hours must apply to the competencies in Domain 3: Ethics & Professional Development. All 18 hours could be in Ethics or four in Ethics and 14 in any of the other domains.

Note: The quickest way to submit paperwork is by email. If there is no scanner available, send legible photos of paperwork taken with a smart device via email.

REMINDER: MHRT/C certificate holders may continue to complete the entire 18-hour Continuing Education requirement online, until further notice. We will send out advance notice when OBH reinstates the face-to-face requirement. Please remember that at least four (4) of these hours must be in Ethics.

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