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January 2024 Newsletter

Can an Agency Offer Continuing Education for MHRT/Cs?

Certain in-service training can be used for MHRT/C Continuing Education (CE) credit. CE goes beyond what an individual might already know or be required to learn by their agency. Training must address one or more of the MHRT/C knowledge competencies. All agencies have certain policies and procedures staff must adhere to, as well as mandatory annual training in areas such as sexual harassment, workplace violence, bloodborne pathogens, CPR/First Aid, and more. These kinds of training are considered specific to and required by the agency and would not be accepted for MHRT/C CE. Agency-required training covering related topics can be considered. Some examples of related topics include healthy boundaries with clients, trauma-informed care, cultural competence, informed consent, documentation, and many more. Note: Only the first session of a related training is accepted and repeat sessions of an annual training cannot be counted.

If an agency has a qualified trainer and wants to offer in-service sessions to staff, the following is required to be eligible for CE:

1. The content must relate to one or more of the MHRT/C knowledge competencies.
2. Participants need to receive a certificate of completion that includes the following:

a. Title of the training
b. Number of hours
c. Date of training
d. Trainer’s name and signature

3. The training can be used only one-time for CE credit.
4. The training must occur during the two-year expiration period on the MHRT/C certificate.

Agencies do not have to submit their training material for review and approval. The Maine Office of Behavioral Health (OBH) will request documentation for review on a periodic basis to ensure ongoing quality training. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that agencies maintain documentation for all in‐service programs. The documentation should include a program description, trainer qualifications, and a sample certificate of completion described above. Individuals using an in‐service for CE must include their certificate(s) of completion with their renewal application.

Please see our Continuing Education page for more information on the CE process. Please let us know if you have any additional questions about what qualifies for CE and the MHRT/C renewal process.

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