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July 2022 Newsletter

View north from Number 5 Mountain, copyright 2022 Scott Bernier. Used with Permission.

How to Earn Provisional MHRT/Community Certification

Last month’s newsletter highlighted the 30-hour MHRT/C non-academic courses available for applicants toward their certification requirements. These courses can satisfy a domain ONLY IF an individual has one of the following:

  • An academic degree,
  • 30 or more related academic credits, or
  • One full year of work experience in adult behavioral health.

An applicant without one of these cannot receive a Provisional certificate using non-academic courses alone.

Here is how an applicant can earn a Provisional certificate:

Pathway C

  • Hold a two-year social services related academic degree, or
  • Complete at least 30 social services related academic credits, or
  • Hold a four-year or higher unrelated academic degree, or
  • Have at least one-year of related work experience in adult behavioral health services
  • Complete the free one-hour online module “Maine’s Mental Health System 101: An Introduction”

Important reminder: An applicant must submit all of the required documentation as one application in order to have it reviewed. Partial applications delay the review process.

Once an applicant meets all Eight Domains, they can renew their Full MHRT/C certificate every two years by completing 18 hours of continuing education.

For More Information, please see our Pathway C webpage.

Community of Trainers

Are you a behavioral health professional offering educational training to your staff or other adults? You might be interested to know there is a group of trainers from across Maine that meets each month via Zoom to share tips, challenges, successes, and other great ideas and resources. The meeting is the second Wednesday of each month from 12:00-1:00 PM, and it’s FREE!

FMI, contact Kate Chichester at

Please note: In spite of the lifting of the Governor’s Civil State of Emergency due to COVID-19, MHRT/C certificate holders can continue to complete the entire 18-hour Continuing Education requirement online, until further notice. We will send out advance notice when OBH reinstates the face-to-face requirement. Please remember that at least four (4) of these hours must be in Ethics.

Contact us here: