March 2021 Newsletter

Non‐Academic Courses to Meet MHRT/C Requirements

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The Maine Office of Behavioral Health (OBH), with support from the Muskie School of Public Service, is in the process of developing eight non‐academic courses to meet the eight MHRT/C competency domain requirements. Four courses are currently available:

  • Domain 1 – Behavioral, Psychological, and Rehabilitation Intervention Models
  • Domain 2 – Community Integration and Inclusion
  • Domain 3 – Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Domain 8 –Vocational Support

Domains 1, 2, and 3 are considered Priority Domains, which means that at a minimum, an  applicant without the necessary academic background must satisfy these for Provisional MHRT/C certification.
Qualified trainers are prepared to offer these courses to people interested in obtaining their MHRT/C certificate. These trainers come from all around the state, and due to the current civil state of emergency related to COVID‐19 are offering their courses virtually. You can find a schedule of classes as well as a list of approved trainers for the four completed domains above on the MHRT/C section of the CFL website,, under the Non‐Academic Training tab.


A Free Module for Trainers

Staff from the Muskie School of Public Service developed a four‐module online training called “Adult Learner: Key Theories and Concepts” which is available for free at This course is an overview of the key concepts and theories for teaching and training adults, and was originally designed for trainers of the MHRT/C non‐academic courses. However, any trainer may take it as the content is relevant to whatever subject matter is being taught to adults.

MHRT/C Continuing Education During the COVID‐19 State of Emergency

Reminder ‐ Individuals who are currently applying to renew their full MHRT/C certificates  can complete the 18‐hour continuing education (CE) requirement entirely online until the State of Emergency is lifted. They still must complete at least four (4) hours (of the 18 hours) in Ethics.The renewal application process remains the same. Please see our Continuing Education webpage for more information. Be sure to watch our website for updates to CE requirements.

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