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MHRT/C Communications

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June 17, 2024:
In our June 17, 2024 newsletter, we highlight the four ways one can qualify for Provisional MHRT/C (Pathway C).

May 21, 2024:
MHRT/C Pathway A program highlight and Live Continuing Education Save-the-Date

April 24, 2024:
The Credit for Work Experience Process

March 20, 2024:
Newly updated MHSS Curriculum and recent trainer trainings. Change in MHRT I requirements effective October 1, 2024. Reminder on MHRT/C Continuing Education Requirements.

January 30, 2024:
We cover the process for agencies to offer in-service trainings for MHRT/C continuing education.

December 29, 2023:
Credit for Work Experience process. Reminder on upcoming MHSS Train-the-trainer. Announcement of a new Survey. New How to Apply for MHRT/C page. Reminder of financial assistance through Healthcare Training for ME.

November 17, 2023:
We give gratitude and thanks in the wake of the recent tragedy in Lewiston.

October 30, 2023:
Updated MHSS Recertification and Train-the-Trainer dates and reminders about various aspects of the MHRT/C program.

August 28, 2023:
Back to School Edition: Reminder of two of the ways to complete MHRT/C domain requirements and a reminder about the 6hrs of “live” training required for MHRT/C continuing education.

July 31, 2023:
Update to dates for Domain 5 Train-the-trainer, Deadline reminder for Domain 3 Trainer renewal, MHRT/C certificate figures for the past four fiscal years, change to MHRT I First Aid/CPR requirement and save-the-dates for upcoming MHSS Train-the-Trainer and MHSS Trainer recertification

June 8, 2023:
Important MHRT/C Deadlines and upcoming MHSS training

April 12, 2023:
Covers the application process and a change in the reinstatement process for those with an MHRT/C without an expiration date.

March 27, 2023:
New resource page for MHSS and MHRT/C Non-Academic trainers and a reminder on the change on the MHRT/C continuing education requirements.

March 1, 2023:
Changes to MHRT/C Continuing Education requirements AND information on how/when to use Appendix E-Work Verification Form

February 8, 2023: Reminder on who should be completing continuing education.

January 13, 2023: reports on trainers who have renewed their commitment to teach the MHSS curriculum for MHRT I certification, and the Non-Academic standard curriculum for Domain 1 for MHRT/C certification. There is also a reminder about in-service training for MHRT/C continuing education, as well as an invitation to trainers to join in a monthly Zoom meeting with other trainings.

November 30, 2022: MHRT/C statistics and a reminder on the pathways to certification.

October 31, 2022: MHRT/C Continuing Education: A Trick or Treat?

September 28, 2022: MHRT/C Non-Academic Training

August 25, 2022: Back to School for MHRT/C, an overview of pre-approved college programs in Maine.

July 26, 2022: Information on how to earn a Provisional MHRT/C and on the Community of Trainers group.

June 15, 2022: Information on the MHRT/C Non-Academic Training program and the Healthcare For ME training resource website.

April 22, 2022: Information on the new Healthcare Workforce for ME initiative and clarifies the MHRT/C continuing education requirement.

March 22, 2022: How to meet the MHRT/C Domain requirements

February 17, 2022: Continuing Education Process

January 28, 2022: Reminder on changes to MHRT/C & MHRT I programs.

November 17, 2021: FAQs around the updated MHRT/C Pathways.

Septemer 28, 2021: Back to the Basics: How to apply for MHRT/C. How to Renew your MHRT/C. Please use the current template for Provisional MHRT I.

August 17, 2021: A look at recent surveys on face-to-face vs. virtual training.

June 23, 2021: A look back at over 25 years of service.

May 10, 2021: Highlights new MHRT/C programs, accelerated/online programs, collaboration efforts and a link to a “how-to” guide to determine if a training counts for continuing education.

March 22, 2021: Tips for Provisional MHRT/C Level B certificate holders in completing certification through the 2019 requirements.

February 26, 2021: MHRT/C by the numbers, continuing education reminder and out-of-state applications.

January 14, 2021: 2019 MHRT/C Guidelines are in now in effect.

December 14, 2020: Important MHRT/C deadlines. Transition to the 2019 program ends December 31, 2020.

November 30, 2020: Giving thanks, StrengthenME website, Initial new certificate deadline reminder, and Continuing Education reminder.

October 30, 2020: MHRT/C Non-Academic Training Information and free training for Trainers.

September 18, 2020: Continuing Education reminder.

July 31, 2020: Newly approved academic programs, reminder on continuing education, and a reminder about an important deadline for graduates of programs approved under 2009 guidelines and those with an MHRT/C lacking an expiration date.

June 8, 2020: Update on new Adult Learner Module Training, Domain 8 Non-Academic Train-the-Trainer reminder, newly approved academic programs, and update on Provisional Level A & Level B certificates

May 20, 2020: Update on Continuing Education, Provisional Level A & Level B certificates and Domain 8 Non-Academic Train-the-Trainer

April 23, 2020: Update on In-Service Trainings and Online Training Tips

March 19, 2020: MHRT/C COVID-19 Updates

February 24, 2020: Important Certification Deadlines

February 5, 2020: Continuing Education

January 9, 2020: Update on Approved Academic Programs

December 17, 2019: Seasons Greetings and year end statistics

October 25, 2019: Eight Things to Know about the Redesigned MHRT/C Program (more to come)

September 26, 2019: New Requirements are in Effect and Academic Programs Update

September 13, 2019 SAMHS update: Originally sent out by DHHS-SAMHS.

June 28, 2019: Year-end Wrap-up

May 30, 2019: Academic Program Updates

April 26, 2019: In-Service Trainings for Continuing Education

March 14, 2019: New Continuning Education Checklist

January 29, 2019: Academic Program Updates

December 21, 2018: More on Continuing Education

October 29, 2018: Continuing Education

October 12, 2018: Older MHRT certificates and Going Paperless

September 17, 2018: Back to School!

July 24, 2018: Profile of an MHRT/C Certified Professional 2

June 8, 2018: Profile of an MHRT/C Certified Professional

May 30, 2018: Webinar Reminder

May 11, 2018: Where Things Stand

April 20, 2018: Credit for Work Experience

March 23, 2018: FAQs-Continuing Education Requirements

March 9, 2018: FAQs-New Certification Requirements

February 15, 2018: Continuing Education Requirements for Full MHRT/C

February 2, 2018: Online Training Module MH101

This section last updated July 26, 2023

Full and Provisional MHRT I CPR/First Aid (Updated 7/26/23)

As the COVID-19 pandemic Public Health Emergency (PHE) ended this past May, the Office of Behavioral Health is discontinuing the allowance of online CPR/First Aid training for MHRT I certification as of September 1, 2023.
Online courses completed prior to September 1, 2023 will be accepted for MHRT I certification.
The American Heart Association’s and HSI’s blended programs where part is online and part is in person, will be accepted as they were prior to the pandemic.

For a list of accepted face-to-face trainings, please see our First Aid/CPR webpage.

MHRT/C Continuing Education Change (Updated 3/1/23)

NOTICE: The Public Health Emergency (PHE) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic is set to expire this May, 2023. Accordingly, the continuing education policy change allowing all 18 training hours to be completed online will be updated. Beginning June 1, 2023 continuing education for MHRT/C renewal must include a minimum of six hours of live training:  face-to-face or live webinars or classes.

Please let us know if you have any questions on this update.

Provisional MHRT I Changes (4/6/20)

The Muskie School Center for Learning administers the MHRT I certification program on behalf of DHHS-Office of Behavioral Health (OBH). Recently, several agencies have requested permission to review the Provisional Mental Health Support Specialist Handbook with new staff online, through a video conferencing system such as Zoom or GoToMeeting. They also request to use electronic signatures on the Provisional MHRT I certificate.

We have consulted with OBH in regards to this request, and they will allow this through May 31, 2020 with the following stipulation/reminder:

The agency representative/supervisor must interact with the new hire to thoroughly review the handbook. This is already stipulated in the handbook. As stated on the Provisional MHRT I certificate, by signing, both the agency representative/supervisor and new hire are attesting that this has occurred.

Important/helpful links:

PDF version of the Provisional Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician I Handbook

A PDF version of the Provisional MHRT I certificate with fillable lines.

Thank you for your patience and keep safe.

Online Trainer Tips from Mark Lindquist (4/22/20) Linked title is a PDF of online trainer tips from Mark Lindquist of Port Resources