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Individuals interested in taking a non-academic course should review the course schedule.

The following instructors are approved to teach the Standard Non-Academic Curriculum for Domain 8 through July 1, 2026.

Instructor Name

Agency Affiliation



Julia Abernethy

Maine Behavioral Healthcare

(207) 632-8825

Pamela Boivin

Riverside Training & Education Center

(207) 931-7461

Marylena Chaisson

Health Affiliates Maine

(207) 779-7722

Catherine Chichester

Co-Occurring Collaborative Serving Maine

(207) 939-1913

Cathleen Dunlap

Paramount Behavioral Services

(207) 399-3263

Amber Elliott

Alternative Wellness Services

(207) 494-8010

Chad White

Maine Behavioral Health Organization

(207) 399-5609