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November 2021 Newsletter

FAQs about the Updated Pathways to MHRT/C Certification

UPDATED January 7, 2022

Q: When did the MHRT/C requirements change?
A: Effective November 1, 2021, there are three Pathways to MHRT/C certification. For more details on these three Pathways, please see our Pathways website.

Q: To whom do these changes apply?
A: Primarily first time applicants.

Q: I received a Provisional MHRT/C prior to November 1, 2021. May I reapply under the new changes?
A: If you hold a current Provisional MHRT/C, you are on the best pathway to complete the remaining Domain requirements.

Q: I qualify under Pathway A. How do I apply?
A: Submit an application form and a legible copy of your official transcript. Please allow our staff up to 3 weeks to process your paperwork. Staff reviews complete applications in the order received.

Q: I qualify under Pathway B. Do I need to submit anything different from Pathway A above?
A: Yes. In addition to the application form and a legible copy of your official transcript (or Full LSW) please submit a certificate of completion from Maine’s Mental Health System 101 (MH101). This training is free, online and takes about an hour to complete.

Q: I qualify under Pathway C through work experience. What do I need to submit to apply?
A: If you have at least a year of experience in the adult behavioral health field, please submit an application form, a certificate of completion from MH101 (see above), and Appendix E documenting you have the relevant work experience.

Q: I qualify under Pathway B or C. How many of the remaining Domains do I need to complete?
A: Center for Learning Staff (CFL) will review your transcript as part of the application process to identify any missing Domains. You will receive a one-year certificate and will need to complete half of the missing Domains in order to receive a second one-year certificate. For example, if you are missing four Domains, you will need to complete two of them in the first year to receive a second certificate.

Q: I qualify under Pathway C. How long do I have to complete any missing Priority Domains (Domains 1, 2, and 3)? (Updated 1/7/22)
A: You have 90 days to complete any missing Priority Domains. This requirement does not apply to students enrolled in Pathway A programs.

Q: How do I complete any missing Domains?
A: There are three ways to complete a missing Domain requirement:

  1. Complete an approved college course or course combination
  2. Complete 30 hours of non-academic training covering that Domain’s knowledge competencies
  3. Credit for Work Experience: six (6) months of relevant non-academic Work Experience documented by your clinical supervisor.

For more information, go to our MHRT/C webpage and click the appropriate tab.

Q: I qualify under Pathway B. Is Credit for Work Experience different for me?
A: Pathway B individuals may use six-months of related work experience to meet two Domain Requirements. Pathway C individuals may use six-months of related work experience to meet one Domain Requirement.

Q: May I use Credit for Work Experience to meet the Priority Domains?
A: Credit for Work Experience may be used for Domain 2. It cannot be used for Domains 1 or 3.

Q: I’ve taken a couple related courses but don’t have work experience. Can I still qualify for a certificate?
A: Without an academic degree or 30 hours of related academic coursework, you need at least a year of relevant behavioral health direct service work experience. A few examples of this are working as an MHRT I, peer support specialist, or with a CADC.

REMINDER: MHRT/C certificate holders may continue to complete the entire 18-hour Continuing Education requirement online, until further notice. We will send out advance notice when OBH reinstates the face-to-face requirement. Please remember that at least four (4) of these hours must be in Ethics.

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