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Trainer Resources

MHSS and MHRT/C Training Resources

Welcome to the trainer resource page. Many approved trainers of the MHRT/Community non-academic domain curricula and the MHSS curriculum, supplement the standardized content with other relevant and updated training material to enhance their courses. This page contains documents and links trainers want to share with other trainers.

To access the material, see the drop down menu below called Category. Select the area of interest to filter the list of related resources. Simply click on the resource to download.

If you have a resource you would like to share please send it to, with a brief description and the applicable category. Please note, it is best practice to include a citation for any additional material.

Communications Activitymhss-training
Crocodile River (Team Activity)mhss-training
Video: Nuggetsmhss-training
Video: Domain 2: Example of bad Motivational Interviewingdomain-2 mhrt-community
Video: Domain 2: Example of Good Motivational Interviewingdomain-2 mhrt-community
Video: I am not a monster: Schizophreniamhss-training
Moral Injury – articledomain-4 mhrt-community
Video Links for Mental Illness Modulemhss-training
7 Types of Anxiety Disordersmhss-training
Anxiety Cells Found in the Brain – How They Did Itmhss-training
Bipolar Disordermhss-training
What is Schizoaffective Disorder? Is It Worse Than Bipolar Disorder?mhss-training
Schizophrenia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathologymhss-training
What Is Psychosis like and How Do You Get It?mhss-training
I’m Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help!mhss-training
Cluster B Personality Disorders – Are They Actually Mental Illness?mhss-training
What’s the Difference Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia?mhss-training
Lewy body dementiamhss-training
Tiny Self Care Ideamhss-training
Schizophrenia Simulation Exercisemhss-training
Scenarios for Boundaries Activitymhss-training
Game Answer Buzzersmhss-training
Boundary Exercisemhss-training
Booklist for Toolkitsmhss-training
Being the BEST Mental Health Support Specialistmhss-training
4 Corners Signs for Boundaries Activitymhss-training
Dog Show – Wild Jack Russel Terrier Doing Competitionother
Dog Show Videoother
The Compassion Fatigue Workbookdomain-3-mhrt-community mhrt-community
Compassion Fatigue – Videodomain-3-mhrt-community mhrt-community
5 Steps to Know About Healing Traumadomain-4 mhrt-community
Relaxation & Deep Breathing Exercises, , domain-3-mhrt-community domain-4 domain-6 mhrt-community
Five Finger Breathing Exercise, , domain-3-mhrt-community domain-4 domain-6 mhrt-community
The Maine MultiCultural Centermhrt-community
SAMHSA’s Concept of Trauma and Guidance for a Trauma-Informed Approachmhrt-community
Compassion Fatigue Workbook – Self Care Packetmhrt-community
Alcohol screening questionnaire (AUDIT)mhrt-community
Top 7 Stroke Apps To Improve Cognition Skills:mhrt-community
Mindful Moment #2: Five Finger Breathing Exercise – Videomhrt-community