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April 2024 Newsletter


Did You Know that You Can Use Work Experience in Adult Behavioral Health to Meet MHRT/C Certification Domain Requirements?

This option is called Credit for Work Experience (CWE).

If you are currently working or have worked in adult behavioral health and are interested in getting the Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/Community (MHRT/C) certification, you can submit documentation of your related work experience with your application and could possibly meet one or more of the competency domain requirements.

Here’s how it works.

There are eight competency domains that MHRT/C applicants must meet to earn the full two-year MHRT/C certification. Here is a downloadable list of the required Knowledge Competencies. (The first three domains are priority domains and Domains 1 and 3 are not eligible to use credit for work experience.) If you hold a social service-related four-year degree, and have the applicable work experience, you could satisfy two-domains using six months of applicable work experience and could satisfy a total of four domains with one full year of experience. A supervisor would complete the appropriate forms to verify that your work meets the competencies of a particular domain, and these forms would be included with your application.

Additionally, your official transcript would be reviewed, and coursework might satisfy other domains.

If you hold a two-year related degree, an unrelated degree, or no degree with at least one year of related work experience, you could be eligible to use the CWE option for one domain using six unique months of related work, and up to four domains with two full years of experience. The application process would be the same as above.

Please visit the MHRT/C section of the CFL website and click on the Credit for Work Experience tab for more information and the application forms for each eligible domain.

If your supervisor needs guidance on how to complete the form, they can reference our December 2023 Newsletter.

Continuing Education
Work experience is not eligible to satisfy the MHRT/C continuing education requirement. Individuals with a two-year full MHRT/C certificate need 18 hours of continuing education every two years, and CWE is not accepted as part of the continuing education process