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February 2023 Newsletter

MHRT/C Competency Domains
For Full Two-Year MHRT/C Certification

There are eight competency domains an individual needs to complete in order to earn a full two-year MHRT/C certificate with an 18-hour continuing education requirement for renewal every two years.

Applicants can meet these eight, 30-hour competency domains in a few ways:

      1. Complete a three-credit academic course related to the domain
      2. Complete a 30-hour approved non-academic course in the domain
      3. Complete 30 hours of related training in the domain
      4. Use related work experience to waive the domain (this does not apply to Priority Domains 1 and 3)

As long as an individual has outstanding competency domains to complete, they are not eligible for renewal by taking continuing education.

Individuals often submit continuing education documentation when they really need to complete one or more competency domains.

Please note: If an individual has a certificate with a one-year expiration period, they have outstanding domains to complete before earning a full two-year certificate.

REMINDER: MHRT/C certificate holders may continue to complete the entire 18-hour Continuing Education requirement online, until further notice. We will send out advance notice when OBH reinstates the face-to-face requirement. Please remember that at least four (4) of these hours must be in Ethics.

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