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November 2023 Newsletter

Reflection and Gratitude

In this time of reflection and gratitude, we want to acknowledge the critical work and dedication of first responders, mental health professionals, elected officials, and other community members who came together to support the people of Lewiston in the wake of the incredible tragedy a mere three weeks ago. Its effects will last a lifetime for many and it’s necessary that we consider how to continue to aid all grieving citizens in the months and years ahead.

The Northwest Region of the MHTTC (Mental Health Technology Transfer Center) recently released a SAMSHA graphic illustrating the time continuum and reverberating impact of a community disaster such as the Lewiston shooting. We hope you find it useful.

Response & Recovery Considerations graphic
Response & Recovery Graphic.

New England MHTTC also has a list of resources to provide support from mass violence trauma recovery.

Our partners in the Maine Behavioral Health Workforce Development Collaborative (MBHWDC) – AdCare Educational Institute and Co-Occurring Collaborative Serving Maine (CCSME), are committed to developing resources to assist providers in this effort. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any thoughts about training or support you would  find useful.

Wishing you the best during the holiday season.

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