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September 2022 Newsletter

The Non-Academic Option for MHRT/C Certification

The Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician/ Community (MHRT/C) certification is a competency-based certification necessary to support adults living with serious mental illness, and working in various community settings in Maine. Individuals interested in obtaining this certification have options to meet the eight competency domain requirements including:

  • Academic coursework
  • Non-academic courses and training programs, and
  • Related work experience.

The August newsletter highlighted academic programs in Maine. Today we remind applicants about the non-academic option.

When an individual applies for MHRT/C certification using an academic degree or one full year of work experience in adult behavioral health, they might still have competency domain requirements to complete. To satisfy outstanding domain requirements, they can complete an approved, 30-hour non-academic course, or other related training programs (workshops, conferences, webinars, etc.) that add up to 30 hours for each domain.

Note: Participants in the approved standardized non-academic courses must attend all 30 hours with the same trainer they registered with. Trainers post the courses on the CFL website,, and should communicate the attendance policy to participants at the beginning of the course.

When an individual completes their requirements, they need to complete an application either online or by mail, and submit it with all certificates of completion for the non-academic courses or other training programs they have completed. The CFL will notify applicants by email upon receipt.

For a schedule of upcoming courses, go to our Non-Academic page and click on Schedule. For names of trainers approved to teach each Domain, again, go to our Non-Academic page, scroll down, and click each Domain link.

Healthcare Training for ME

This website provides resources for training including funding to cover the cost of training including MHRT I trainings and MHRT/C non-academic training.

Check out Healthcare Training for ME for more information.

Contact us here:

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