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June 2024 Newsletter

Cape Neddick Lighthouse

How to Qualify for Provisional MHRT/Community Certification (Pathway C)

Agencies and individuals often inquire about how to qualify for a Provisional MHRT/C through Pathway C. Specifically, how many Domains does one need to complete to qualify?

There is no minimum number of Domains that must be completed to qualify for Provisional MHRT/C through Pathway C.

There are four ways to qualify through Pathway C as follows:

  1. Hold an associate degree in a social services-related field.
  2. Have completed 30 college credits in social services-related coursework.
  3. Hold an unrelated bachelor’s degree.
  4. Have one year of relevant adult behavioral health work experience.

Examples of social services-related fields include:
Behavioral Health
Human Services

Examples of acceptable adult behavioral health work experience include:
Working as an MHRT I (adult behavioral health daily living skills, group homes, and some crisis services)
Working in Peer Support Services such as a Certified Intentional Peer Support Specialist (CIPSS)
Working in Adult Substance Use Services such as a Recovery Coach

Directions on how to apply can be found on the CFL website. Start at Step 2 and follow the directions for Pathway C.

Please note that the state requires that Provisional MHRT/C certificate holders must complete the Priority Domains (Domains 1, 2, & 3) in the first 90 days. Individuals enrolled in a Pathway A college program are exempt from this requirement.

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