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March – Second Edition 2023 Newsletter


New Resource for MHSS and MHRT/C Non-Academic Curriculum Trainers

MHSS and MHRT/C trainers often use additional training material when teaching their courses. These could be short video clips, topical articles, or ice-breaker exercises. A new page on the CFL website is now available to share and download these resources. To access the page click here.

If you have a resource you would like to share, please send it to, with a brief description and the applicable category. Please note, it is best practice to include a citation for any additional material.


There’s been an update to the MHRT/C Continuing Education requirement.

Beginning June 1, continuing education for MHRT/C renewal must include a minimum of six hours of live training. This includes face-to-face or live (real time) webinars or virtual classes.

Please let us know if you have any questions on this update.

Continuing Education Resource Page

There is a Continuing Education (CE) tab in the MHRT/C section of the CFL website. Here is a direct link to the page. It contains a partial list of organizations offering training in behavioral health, some of which could be applicable to the MHRT/C competencies and used to satisfy the CE requirement.

If you know of organizations offering related training to the general public, please feel free to forward that information to for posting.

Contact us here: